Our Story

Founded by Mike Hsiao at the age of just 12, Race Force grew out of a vision of creating of an organization aimed at making the world a better place. Mike was a highly motivated youth, dedicating countless hours to volunteerism as a child and teenager, despite fighting various personal and health issues. Volunteerism was a way to escape for him and he envisioned an organization that would help others in need.

The roots of Race Force trace themselves back to 2005, with the founding of an organization called The Colourfulworld Club. With just 3 volunteers to start, the team set out to create events for their community, and help a variety of causes. Keeping with their roots, Race Force remained a part of The Colourfulworld Club until 2014 when it was spun off into it’s own dedicated non-profit club. This allowed Race Force to begin to specialize in nonprofit athletic event volunteer management and operations.

Since formation 12 years ago, the organization has grown from just 3 volunteers to a community of over 500, and has helped support more than 150 charitable athletic events year after year. It’s the roots and history of why Race Force exists that help guide the direction into the future.