Meet the Team


Mike hsiao


Mike is the Founder, CEO and Chairman of Race Force.  Besides being an avid runner, engineer and passionate leader in the community, he is the visionary that gave birth to this organization. Under his leadership, Race Force grew from a small grassroots group of 3 volunteers to our current size now. His vision 10 years ago still lives and breathes in at the core of this organization. 



walter homewood

An avid road and trail runner, Walter has been running with Race Force since November 2016 and volunteering since January 2017. In addition to race day volunteering Walter is also a part of the Sponsorship/Donation Team, working with local businesses that support Race Force and its volunteers. Outside of Race Force Walter is a graduate of Simon Fraser University and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology, a Certificate in Cultural Resource Management, and a Certificate in Spatial Information Systems and now works as a consulting archaeologist. 


Steven Kasper

Steven has been with Race Force for at least 5 years and an Event Volunteer Coordinator for the last 2 years. He graduated from UBC Vancouver in 2016 from the General Mechanical Engineering program and currently works as a Mechanical EIT in Design Consulting Services, designing HVAC and Plumbing & Drainage systems for several industrial projects. Steven began volunteering at racing events in 2012 during the summer break between school semesters. This became an opportunity for Steven to develop his organizational, leadership and problem solving skills outside of school and in a fun way that would benefit the people and charities involved with these events. Steven is a key player of the organization and takes initiative to help the community.


Cynthia Deng

Cynthia is currently an executive assistant at Race Force, helping oversee many administrative and IT roles. Cynthia joined Race Force in 2016 when she found it aligned with her passion of volunteering and running. She is currently in her 4th year of studies at the University of British Columbia in Cognitive Systems. Fun fact: she drinks her hot coffee using straws.


Kevin Chen

Kevin enjoys volunteering while helping others and meeting new friends in the process. Kevin has been with Race Force for about three years. Kevin became involved in Race Force through Mike to help with an event and having never volunteered at a race event before, it was a new and fun experience. Kevin became more involved in Race Force and was also able to meet new friends and gain many memories from volunteering.


Cassie Wang

"Race Force is like, a family I can turn to at the least expected times. Familiar faces and positive attitudes. I guess that’s why I stick around, because spending time with you guys is like hanging out with old friends. Albeit often in the wee, cold hours of the morning. I got involved through Mike – as I’m sure most people did, and just started to grow attached. We’re a little crazy, but this team is made up of some of the most hardworking and persevering individuals I know. I’m proud of what we’ve come through, what we’ve become together, and what we will continue to achieve. I look forward to seeing you again, or meeting you, I’m always open to talk!"